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November 2, 2009


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So. Again. Someone is taking the "Twilight" character heights chart that I slaved over for many hours and passing it off and THEIRS.

I am taking down pretty much all of my digital art. I WILL put it back up... in time. But for right now, I am in a damned SNIT over this.

If you're still keeping an eye on me, THANK YOU! I can't imagine why you'd want to, you great and glorious goobers. I MISS doing digital art... MISS IT. I just have so little time now (fyi, got married, now have a baby; motherhood, it is time consuming). But that doesn't mean I don't LOVE LOVE LOVE the digiarts. Just that I only get free time when the baby is asleep.

So. I will be back. I will even expand outward with my digital art, moving away from JUST "Twilight" and into some of my other fandoms. "Like what?!" you ask, all atwitter. Like The Southern Vampire Mysteries, like some L.J. Smith books, like LKH's Merry Gentry series. Oh, yeah, baby. We're gonna have some fun.

But that's AFTER DA gets done cleaning up the blatant theft of my art. GOD.

- E
  • Mood: Hostile
SomniumAstrum Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2009
Ugh. I've had stuff stolen before too, and a friend of mine had some fanfiction stolen. People like that need a good kicking. I'm sorry you're having to deal with it too. :(
MissErynne Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2009   Interface Designer
Yeeeah, me too. Once this problem gets taken care of, I'm uploading a new version of the chart... with writing across it that will let people know that I made it. Sigh sigh.

- E
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